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Moloka‘i-O‘ahu through the Years
Moloka‘i Outrigger Canoe Race, 2006 to 2016

Molokai Canoe Race - 2006 to 2016 Book
This new book includes the stories and photos of the Moloka‘i to Oahu outrigger canoe race between 2006 and 2016, like the original volume, covering the years between the start of the race and 2005. As in the past, each year’s races add more unique stories and photos to the rich history of Moloka‘i-O‘ahu told in this book. For the Moloka‘i Hoe, Tahitian domination has been the big story while on the Na Wahine side, Hawaiian crews emerged as the major force. Special features include a recounting of the harrowing start of the 2012 Na Wahine O Ke Kai race where crews battled 10-foot plus waves that closed out Hale o Lono — told by paddler Norma Creps. John Foti’s account of a practice session just two days before the Moloka’i Hoe in 2014 will have readers on the edge of their seats.
The book is available for order now, with delivery in time for Christmas gifting.

141 Spectacular Color Photos, 112 Pages
Hard Cover, 11″ x 9″
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Moloka‘i-O‘ahu through the Years
A History of the Moloka‘i Outrigger Canoe Race

Molokai Canoe Race Book - 1952 to 2005
The first of the two Moloka‘i-O‘ahu through the Years books tells the story of the Moloka‘i Channel race, the oldest and most prestigious outrigger canoe race in the world. Moloka’i Hoe, begun in 1952 for men and Na Wahine O Ke Kai, in 1979 for women, the canoe race currently attracts an international field of top crews and combines colorful history with a rich tradition. It ends coverage with the 2005 races.

Billed as the world championships of canoe racing, crews contending for the title must train and prepare for months in order to put themselves in the best position to win. The great intangible is the unpredictable Moloka‘i (Kaiwi) Channel that has a well-deserved reputation as one of the roughest interisland channels in existence.
The outcome of the race generally hinges on how crews deal with conditions that can vary from water as calm as a lake to the most fearsome and turbulent, with extreme winds and huge waves. Once out of the channel, the next challenge and sometimes a critical factor is trying to unravel the best solution to often complex coastal currents and tide factors encountered off O‘ahu. For the winners, it is a tribute to a combination of excellent preparation, conditioning, teamwork, and strategy that all come together to make the difference in a most memorable and satisfying athletic accomplishment.

“Peter Caldwell’s new coffee-table book ‘Molokai-Oahu Through the Years: A History of the Molokai Outrigger Canoe Race’ is a breathtaking summary of Hawaii’s iconic event… You’ll get a thorough sense of how the channel race evolved — politically and on the water. Caldwell’s engaging writing style immerses the reader and covers plenty of ground. In his introduction, he called his book ‘a cultural link to the past.’ But it’s also a lot of fun.”    — excerpt from Star-Bulletin book review

500+ Color Photos, 304 Pages
Hard Cover, 11″ x 9″
$39.00 $24.95 (with publisher’s discount)